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A new illustrated children's book!

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You Be Me, I Be You

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

A story about a boy who’s dreams about flying takes him on an adventure with a Great Horned Owl.

Publication Date: 31st August 2023

HB ISBN: 978-1-7394757-0-3

TPS: 203 x 203mm

Black and white illustrated book

88 pages - sample pages below

Word count: 4,669

Age 6 and above

Sample Pages


Ibrahim wants to fly; that is all he ever dreams about.  

And on one rainy day Ibrahim is visited by a great horned owl who wants to be human. 


Join Ibrahim on an adventure in which dreams become real and are never quite what you expect.

Also featuring the wisdom of the Crows, many pigeons and the sacred sound of Trees.


A story about the leaning in of Nature, surprising friendships and self-discovery...

About the author

uzma taj draws and writes stories in Cumbria, UK. She is inspired by her friendship with Nature and the odd thoughts that shout out loud during meditations. This is her debut book, 1st imagined when she was 13 years old.  Inspired by her 2 young nephews Osman and Omar.

Little boy in the Rain
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Written and illustrated by uzma taj

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

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