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May I eat you now?

And other rather odd mystical children's tales

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

Age 6 and above

A collection of short stories for children. Inspired by classic sufi tales. Stories engaging queries of identity, love, differences, death and nature.


Including, a chair that wants to be a tree, a very curious daemon, and a promise given to a hungry wolf...and a few more.

Publishing May 2024 tbc

sufifairytales copy.jpg

Sufi Fairytales

Short stories inspired by classic fairytales

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

Age 7 and above

Princess Knot - inspired by Cinderella
The London Princess - inspired by Rapunzel

I am the Red Balloon - inspired by Hansel and Gretel

Publishing September 2024 tbc

dontfollowthe rabbit.jpg

Don't follow the Rabbit

Written and illustrated by uzma taj

Age 7 and above

What happens when you follow the rabbit during a mediation? A humorous collection of drawings and anecdotes when trying to meditate. 

Publishing December 2024 tbc

Stay tuned for more details! 

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