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collection of Haiku's

Still, sat crossed legged

On a carpet of spring green 

The spider builds home.

moles, rabbits and worms

muggy rains and blanket clouds 

The soil looks cosy

Light cornered by stuff

Flowers squashed in a glass vase

Sleeping winter tales

Ladybird on a train

With sweaty commuters squashed

Mirage of green air  

I am not that now

Changing with rhythm of old

Grandmas hold this box

The walls are moving

something to lean on she begs

The unfinished world

Beautiful pavement

Beautiful curves in movement 

How else to live here

'Hello' said Flower

'I am here, and you are there'

...Pauses between things

I don’t like it here

‘where?' asked the rabbit

silence has nothing to do with sound

Voices scream alone

Warriors born in living rooms

The bees find their hives 

Smoky Sways

In Golden Halos

Rustic band plays


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