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'Created in awe of the She in me. My knowing, my courage, my creative…
Created in awe of the He in me. My wisdom, my movement, my container…'

This first collection of art and poetry was inspired by my conversation with Nature and Spirituality and was named after verse 53:17 of the Quran, The eye did not waver… These particular lines inspired the desire to remain present in merging worlds; a possibility born from weaving in the wide steps taken from my Sufi path with Rumi, through indigenous wisdom, and encompassing myriad Guides and Ancestors that walk in the Seen and Unseen worlds. The work also reflected the merging of my Pakistani heritage with growing up in a northern English town.

Exhibited work below


'When I dream what would happen when we live to serve each other,
imagine roses upon roses filling the world — a time not too far from now.'

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