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  • Specification

    210 x 300mm or 250 x 340mm - with a 20mm white border. 
    Please email me if adjustment to border size is required.
    Printed on Hah German Etch 310gsm paper, heavyweight etching with a fine surface texture. Locally printed by Cerberus printing a specialised fine art printer. 
    Frame not included.

  • Description

    I began the Mevlevi whirling practice as a mediation around 2013. During training at first we whirled with arms closed for many weeks. Focusing on the connection with the pole of Earth and Sky. 
    Building a strong pillar within. I will never forget the moment it was time to open my arms wide, at first I felt vulnerable and ashamed.  Finally like a flower shining its unique petals to the Sky, I felt the kiss of freedom.
    This drawing is an ode to that freedom found with the body in the Sufi practice of whirling...
    A often wonder about the strange notion of putting an infinite being in a body. It makes sense to me why we spend a huge chunk of our lives not quite fitting inside the body. I read something somewhere once not sure who said it - the body does not contain the soul but the soul contains the body…

    I hope this drawing inspires you to stretch as wide as possible in the middle of a dance to your favourite song…maybe you will feel your finger tips find the edges of the universe...

  • the big stretch

    she stretched her arms out.
    the tips of fingers touched the void.
    a river of fear flooded the room.
    where are the walls cried the soul of things .
    they are moving dear one sang a yellow butterfly floating by.
    but what shall i hold on too? said a worrying heart.
    banged a drum beating in the sky.
    ~uzma taj

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