• Specification

    350 x 252mm and 297 x 210mm
    Printed on Hah German Etch 310gsm paper, heavyweight etching with a fine surface texture. Locally printed by Cerberus printing a specialised fine art printer.

  • Description

    Created in awe of the She in me. My knowing, my courage, my creative...


  • She

    She rejected her body,
    living 3mm's from her skin.
    It started with the edge of a nose
    and a stubborn forest mapped
    on curves.
    Her eyes fell
    deep behind tall buildings.
    Hard to find in the
    bustle of noisy things.
    Drawn closer by
    Voices held by The Woman.
    Messy Hair,
    Awkward Angles
    and Stubborn Weeds.
    Seas merged,
    rivers wrapped themselves
    around her bones.
    Delicate snowflakes carved themselves
    on her cheeks,
    and old branches
    left confident
    worlds below her waist.
    Her soul holds
    her body,
    and wrinkles
    stretch to meet
    Bowing low to fierce eyes
    watching from the moonrise...