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A Children's Book

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly

A story about a boy who’s dreams about flying takes him on an adventure as a Great Horned Owl...


Ibrahim dreams about flying, and one day he encounters a great horned owl who dreams of being a boy. Much to his surprise, the owl agrees to swap bodies. At first he is in the wonder of flying, but very soon discovers the more practical aspects of being an owl, like hunting for food. After a failed and half-hearted attempt at hunting a squirrel and being chased by a dog, he ventures back home hoping the
Owl-That-Wanted-To-Be-A-Boy will help him be a better owl.  On his homeward journey he encounters the wisdom of the Crows and learns about the sacred sound of the Trees. Finally, arriving in his garden Ibrahim learns the Owl also struggled being a boy. Changing back to the way they were but different, wiser from their marvellous journey.

Sample spreads

88pp, 180 x 180mm, Mono

Little boy in the Rain
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